Every speaker needs a speaking coach. 

Here are a few reasons why:

Because it's hard to know how you're really doing. Your friends and loved ones can give you feedback, but often it's conflicting feedback; or it's feedback that's not grounded in what really works onstage; OR they care about you too much to tell you the awkward truth. 

Because when you've prepped your talk and it isn't feeling quite right, it's hard to know what to fix because you're simply too close to the material. This is a scary place to be—especially alone—because when you don't know how make your talk better, your mind goes bonkers with your worst fears of bombing on stage.

Because many of my clients have backed into public speaking—it's not something they ever truly desired for themselves but their careers have made it necessary—and they feel totally out of their element (despite being impressively accomplished in other areas of their lives).

Can you relate?

“I’ve had so many people say “‘wow - that was so different than any other talk you’ve given!” And I didn’t feel nervous, rushed, or uncomfortable for a change!”

Remi Stonewall

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