The Lead Gen System Built Specifically for Corporate Coaches:

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A good coaching business takes more than being a good coach.

To create a coaching business that fulfills your personal and professional goals, corporate coaches need a reliable and predictable process for generating new business.

Our LinkedIn Flywheel is our proven lead-generation process designed for coaches seeking to gain corporate clients by building authentic relationships.

How Does It Work?

This process is flywheel meaning that it does not proceed in any order, but all parts should be done together for maximum effect. The goal of this process is to turn our DM conversations into phone calls OR get referrals to other potential prospects.

Remember, you're networking, so your overall goal is to get in the right room with the right people. The massive benefit of LinkedIn is how well you can target what room you get in, and that you can grow your entire business from the comfort of your home if you choose.

Volume Connections

Another benefit of LinkedIn is how many high-quality people you can connect with in little time. The more of your targets you connect with, the more opportunities you have to open an authentic conversation (see the next step).

We often recommend using a VA (virtual assistant) for the step in flywheel and can help you hire one if you don't already have one—they are a lifesaver for freeing up your time.

Authentic Openers

Imagine this: The only time you open your phone to do "prospecting" is when you get a notification on your phone that says "So-and-so Connected With You." No need to scroll through LinkedIn and find prospects—you just jump in when it's time to have a conversation.

We show you exactly how to open that conversation. This step is key to starting genuine new connections. Our coaches love sharing stories about how these chance meetings online have led to life-long relationships, being invited into clients' homes, and feeling like family.

Your Content

As coaches, we need our clients to open up to us and feel comfortable sharing themselves. That starts with us doing the same, and by leveraging LinkedIn, we can get that content in front of dozens of our potential clients at the same time.

Our process for content is two-fold: help you identify what kinds of content is on-brand for you and your target audience, and make it easy to create quality posts without taking much time or feeling like much effort.

Peer Content

Part of being an effective networker on LinkedIn is how you use the content of others. Think of it less like a piece of technology and more like a community. To become a leader of the tribe, you have to know how to contribute to the content of others and leverage it in your own content strategy.

This strategy is incredibly effective for establishing your credibility, increasing your exposure online, and making your prospects feel like they already know you. Like warm referrals? The goal here is to make even new connections that are just as easy to spark an instant connection.

Strategic Engagment

Our tremendously successful, slow nurturing process for building comfort and trust with your target prospects. We call it "people watching" on LinkedIn, and it allows you to naturally become part of your client's professional circle — the way LinkedIn was made.

This built-up rapport not only allows you to meet more of your ideal prospects, it also allows you to quickly wind up on a call together without weird, uncomfortable conversation all too common on LinkedIn. could be the gamechanger for you.

Results Of Our LinkedIn Flywheel

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